DigiKidd Summer School - Lego Robotics

Lego Robotics - Summer

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Student Information:

Class Details:

This is a very fun week for the Lego Lovers! Kids get to build, program a robot and see it move on day one. They will learn designing and engineering concepts as well as block programming. By using robust Lego building systems as well as Lego WeDo 2.0 Education Core Set and Software, kids get to build and program the robots to complete various movements. We will have the robots drive, wobble, reel, walk, push, spin and sweep. As the week goes along, more challenging tasks will be introduced. Kids will collaborate to build extensive structures with multiple smart hubs, sensors, and motors and program to coordinate various movements of the robot. The kids will learn teamwork and also enjoy great excitement in friendly challenges and contests.

The classes will be tailored to each child’s experience and progress. For beginners, this week’s class is equivalent to Lego Robotics Level 1 through Level 3. For kids that have done Level 1 or 2 in our After School Enrichment Program, they will be learning Level 3 through Level 5.

The days will be balanced with offline/off-screen activities and games.

Class Time:

  • Full Day - 9:00 ~ 3:00 pm
  • Extended Day - 8:30 am ~ 5:00 pm

Weeks - Summer

  • 7/17 ~ 7/21
  • 7/31 ~ 8/4
  • 8/14 ~ 8/18

    What to bring:

    We will provide all devices, software and Lego needed for the class. Please bring lunch in a lunch bag with ice pack, light snacks for morning/afternoon breaks, and a water bottle. 

    Class logistics:

    After you sign up for the class, the website will ask you to fill out a Student Emergency Contact and Waiver form. Please make sure you complete it unless you have already completed one with us in the last 12 months. For your child's safety, the form is required to be on file before the student can join the classes. If you have any questions, please email us at help@digikidd.com.

      Class Location:

      DigiKidd Classes - 61 Wood St, Hopkinton, MA 01748