Our Story

DigiKid Classes - about us

We are parents and technology, engineering, digital, and education professionals. In searching for good STEAM summer camps for our children, we found very few that were affordable with high quality classes, and at nearby convenient locations.

So a few of us got together and started our own.

We put in a lot effort in designing our classes. We try them out with our children to find the best way to have a lot of fun and also learn a lot about technology. We will have interactive classes that teach designing, building, and creating amazing things.

Technology is a powerful tool. We would like our children to be fluent in this special language, which they will use throughout their life continuously expressing their creativity. Here we are, enjoying the most incredible job nurturing our future inventors.

Come join us, our neighbors and friends.

Have your children spend a fantastic summer and after school time to imagine freely and create the impossible. You are more than welcome to volunteer and spend some time to learn and create with the kids.